David Hellam's Advent Calendar and Advent Candle

Here they are:

Advent Candle

Advent Calendar

If you can't wait - try adjusting your computer's system date and refreshing your page when you visit them...

Making the Advent Calendar and Advent Candle

I wrote the javascript for these way, way back - must have been about five years ago now. The nice thing about using javascript then was that it was possible to email a copy of the Advent Candle to a friend and for it to display without any hassle in Outlook Express.

A major factor behind choosing javascript to design the Advent Calendar was so that schools who wanted to produce their own could easily customise the calendar by just creating their own set of gif files to replace the ones I put together.

Other Projects with a Spiritual Dimension to them...

At present, I'm working on a few projects as part of the Exousia Press, the latest of which is a support site for Christian professionals.

Blogging with a Spiritual Purpose in Mind

Here are a few weblogs at blogger.com that you may find of interest if you're looking for some spiritual material to uplift you: